From Our Ranch to You: Our Standard of Excellence

We guarantee that our USDA graded beef is of the highest quality and originates from McAllen Ranch.  You always will receive a product that is cared for and has been minimally processed to ensure your steaks take the most direct route from our pastures to your front door.

We guarantee that the product you order will arrive either frozen or chilled. We weigh our meat on electronic digital scales so you always receive the weight you ordered. In addition, we work hard to ensure your order is selected and shipped correctly. If an item is out of stock, we will notify you and give you an opportunity to substitute.

McAllen Ranch has a 24 hour notification policy.  If for some reason your product was received below a chilled temperature, or the packaging of the product was compromised in any way, we ask that you notify us of any problems by the next business day. We will replace your product free of charge.  Please call (956) 383-1968 between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. Voicemail recordings and emails will not be accepted as a notification.

In no event will any replacement or refund constitute an admission of any kind by McAllen Ranch.  We reserve the right to fully investigate claims that we believe may be unfounded or fraudulent.

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Explore our interactive beef chart.

Click on any section of the steer to learn about cuts of beef, which sections are known for tenderness and flavor, and the best way to cook a particular cut.

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