Tired of Turkey? Cook with All Natural Beef!

The time for turkey has passed. All natural beef from McAllen Ranch is the meal solution for cooks in search of something a little different, maybe even a little more health-conscious, after Thanksgiving’s feast.

Thick, juicy steaks provide a perfect break between gravy-laden Thanksgiving fare and the upcoming holiday party season. McAllen Ranch’s online shop offers a wide variety of steaks for grilling or pan–searing. Since our all-natural beef comes from ranch-raised cattle with a diet of Texas tall grass, these steaks require very little prep work for amazing flavor. Whether you crave a huge porterhouse or a simpler sirloin, we are certain to have your favorite cut available for home delivery. For a lighter meal, choose a leaner steak and pair it with fresh steamed vegetables or roasted root vegetables.

Mexican favorites also provide relief from the standard holiday fare. Our line of all natural beef includes the perfect skirt steak for fajitas and carne asada. Ground beef and stew meat are ideal options for hearty burritos, tacos, and spicy soups.

Slow cooked meals are also popular choices for the colder time of year. Long-simmered chili with hunks of beef is a menu staple. While you may be saving the larger roasts for Christmas, our brisket is ideal for a winter barbecue. Meaty beef ribs are another perfect cut for grilling or smoking. Prepare some to share with friends, and host a mid winter barbeque to celebrate the season while avoiding the poultry overload that comes with early December.

All natural beef provides an incredibly versatile ingredient for exciting meals. Put the turkey away and give your family something different this December with all natural beef from McAllen Ranch.

Posted on Dec 20, 2012

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