Order Beef Online and Stock Up for the Holiday Season

While you may not be able to simplify everything, McAllen Ranch can help you simplify the grocery trips. Order beef online ahead of time, and keep a good supply of fantastic beef on hand for parties as well as day-to-day dinners.

All natural roasts just might be the perfect solution to Christmas Dinner. Roasts are meant to be shared with family and friends. Simply prepare the dish in your favorite way ahead of time, and place the whole thing in the oven on Christmas morning. As the meal cooks slowly, you’ll have time to enjoy unwrapping presents and get ready for the larger gathering later on. Choose from a well marbled brisket or a stunning four-bone rib roast. Both cuts require only simple seasoning for amazing flavor. Add your favorite veggies to the pot, or have guests bring the sides for a full, delicious meal without the stress.

Pre-cubed stew meat from the loin, sirloin, and chuck is an awesome choice for the season’s cold weather favorites. Hearty beef stew and spicy chili are popular dishes for cool evenings. We also have steaks and ground beef for the more hectic days. Order beef online from McAllen for meal solutions to satisfy your family any day of the week!

Order beef online, and skip the over crowded supermarkets. We ship directly to your home for ultimate convenience. As a bonus, we are offering free shipping to a few states outside of Texas. Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana residents can enjoy as much beef as they have room for without paying for delivery! It might be the best time of year to stock up for a little while longer than the holiday season.

Posted on Dec 24, 2012

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